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Hypro Marine Power Steering system.


As a leading designer and manufacturer of power-assisted steering systems, Hypro Marine has an enviable reputation in the industry for the quality and performance of its products.

Some of the world's most prestigious luxury motor yacht builders rely on Hypro Marine's steering systems, along with world renowned Coastguard Agencies and rescue organisations operating in some of the harshest marine environments.

Specialists in finding unique solutions, we are able to offer a bespoke design and manufacturing service for Integrated Hydraulic Control of single or multifunction hydraulic operations for series-produced power craft.

Hypro Marine have been specifying and supplying manual and power assisted hydraulic steering systems to the marine industry for approaching 30 years. During this time we have evolved and developed our own product range to satisfy the demanding requirements of today's high tech luxury motor yacht and commercial boat builders.

Hypro Marine employs a team of highly experienced, skilled staff throughout all areas of the business, all of whom actively contribute to continually improve efficiency processes and product quality.

The culmination of this is a product range with an enviable reputation in the industry for quality and performance backed up by a vastly experienced team offering efficient order processing and unparalleled application and service support.

In addition to our current range of power assisted steering systems Hypro Marine offer design and manufacturing solutions for ancillary hydraulically controlled operations and, where proprietary products are not available, we are able to manufacture either individual elements or a complete multi functional control system


Hypro Marine manufactures some of the most compact, light and responsive power assisted steering systems available on the market today.


Hypro Marine recently launched their new Electronic Command Steering (ECS) system to provide steering as responsive as hydraulics but without the time-consuming installation.

ECS replaces a traditional hydraulic helmed system with an electronic helm unit which is connected to an electronic power unit via a single pre-made wiring harness with "Deutsch" multi pin connectors.

The single harness replaces hydraulic hoses eliminating any hydraulic oil running through the boat to the control stations. This not only prevents potentially expensive accidents but also dramatically reduces the installation and commissioning times.

In operation, the ECS system offers a 4 turn lock to lock steering at 1 rev/second with a positive stop at hardover and is multi station capable.

The system has been designed for boats of 40ft and upwards in length and can be scaled up to in excess of 100ft.

» No hydraulic hoses to helm positions
» No oil to helm positions
» Simplified commissioning
» Single multi core harness with Deutsch plug connector
» 4 turns lock to lock @ 1 sec/rev response rate
» Positive lock at hard over position
» Emergency back up options
» No rudder feedback device required to be installed
» Multi station capability
» Tilt helm option available
» Rear or front mount fixed helm options
» 1"/ft taper on ?" helm sh


The 12/24v DC power pack systems are the latest editions to the power assisted steering options. Because of their simplicity and ease of installation, these are proving to be a very popular addition.

After initially introducing this concept on the smaller HM2940 Servo Power Cylinder a larger version has been developed to extend the range for larger applications.

Systems are multi-station capable and because they are non-pressurised, the upper helm is vented. Bleeding can be done manually or by using a 12v automatic power purger, keeping commissioning times to a minimum.

In the event of loss of electrical power to the power pack, these systems automically revert to manual wheel steering.

HelmsPower Packs Servo Power Cylinder


Pressurised direct drive pump systems have been available for many years, and in the time that Hypro Marine have been manufacturing them, they have been periodically improved and upgraded to what they are today.

Pumps are available to plug straight on to most popular engine or gear box makes/models or can be specified to come fitted to the engine prior to delivery. Single or twin pumps can be used and a pressure and flow conditioning valve to suit is coupled to the bulkhead mounted reservoirs.

An optional autopilot control valve is also available as part of the bulkhead reservoir. Systems are multi-station capable and because they operate with a pre charge pressure, the helms pumps are all fully sealed, not vented.

Systems offer nominally 3? turns lock to lock highly responsive fingertip effort steering with a 2.0 cu.in (33cc) helm which automatically revert to manual wheel steering if there was loss of power to the pump.

Helms ReservoirsServo Power Cylinder


As well as designing and manufacturing its range of high quality, power assisted steering systems, Hypro Marine has also been asked to design and manufacture custom products and systems for other applications such as garage door operating systems, bow/stern thruster control systems, trim plane cylinders, steering dampers and water jet bucket control cylinders.

These garage door systems have been developed based on a complete compact cylinder/mounting plate design to eliminate the vulnerability of extended long stroke operating cylinders which are exposed and prone to damage while the garage door is open.

Assemblies can be scaled up to suit heavier door applications.

Compact high power reversing mini power packs can be supplied in 12 or 24v DC.

There are stainless steel cylinders available in various strokes, bores and mounting configurations to suit different applications such as trim plane cylinders, hatch lifting and water jet bucket control.

Hypro Marine designed and manufactured a custom steering damper used exclusively by Zapcat Racing for their high performance surf racing craft.

The damper is attached to the 50hp Tohatsu O/B extended tiller steering arm and gives an adjustable friction control to limit the prop torque felt by the pilot and thus reduce driver fatigue.

With the addition of our own bulkhead mounting plate complete with switching relays, harness and electrical connectors, Hypro Marine can supply a 12v or 24v mini pack suitable for hatch, garage door or trim tab operation.

A 316 spec stainless steel compact low profile four ported bypass valve suitable for installing in areas exposed to sea water, it is used primarily for the emergency steering operation.

HM1490 Emergency Steering


Hypro Marine can design and manufacture a custom control system to operate most of the multifunction hydraulic systems found on today's modern power craft eliminating the need for a separate control source for each system. With bigger engines and more equiment, engine room and lazerette space is at a premium so centralised hydraulic systems are being considered on ever smaller boats.

The Tamar class lifeboat is the RNLI's latest design and will gradually replace the Tyne class.

It has an advanced centralised hydraulic control system which was designed and manufactured by Hypro Marine. This controls the bow thruster, three capstan winches, transom door operation, two bilge pumps, engine room fan and air conditioning with emergency module isolation capability.

The Tamar is bigger and faster than the Tyne and can be launched from a slipway or lie afloat. The Tamar's computerised Systems and Information Management System (SIMS) enables crew to control many of the lifeboat's functions remotely from the safety of their seats. Other features include advanced ergonomics, that reduce the impact on the crew as the lifeboat crashes through waves, and a powered Y boat stored behind a transom door to allow immediate deployment.